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Dance Programs 

Princess/Prince Dance 

2-3 Years Old



An innovative dance class incorporating dance education through fantasy of story & imagination. Students learn dance fundamentals along with working gross motor skills while holding their attention with fantasy & energy.  


45 minute program.

Children’s Combo Programs

Children’s beginning dance education program that introduces the subjects of ballet, tap & jazz.

  • Ballet: positions & terminology, introduction of turning, across the floor. 

  • Tap: terminology, rhythm and combo work

  • Jazz: warm up & stretch isolations and weight change. Some program will introduce hip hip at this level.


45 minute or 60 minute programs, weekly training.

Intermediate Dance Programs

Students with the fundamentals of dance training. 

  • Ballet training ½ hour

  • Tap Technique with tap choreography

  • Jazz technique, stretching, jazz walks & across the floor, jazz choreography

  • Hip Hop is an option to widen the students curriculum


1.25 or 1.5 hours, weekly training.


Junior Dance Programs

  • All styles of dance are introduced

  • Technique classes in ballet  & jazz (1-1.5 hours)

  • Ballet choreography; classical & contemporary

  • Jazz Choreography in traditional jazz, lyrical, contemporary, music theatre & hip hop

  • Tap technique; tap walks, turns & choreography

  • Performance/Production training


Junior programs placement are based on level of student & teacher recommendation.


Guest teachers are brought in for training & Guest Choreography is offered.


At least 3 hours of weekly training. 

Senior Company Training


Privates/ Duet/ Trio Lessons


Individual training & choreography is offered as an extra for Junior & Advanced Students. Choreographed pieces worked in private, duets or trio training will be performed in one of our smaller performances venues not in the large Spring Venue (except for senior HS graduating students).

*Privates are available for beginning students to catch up to a certain level or if they desire extra training. Private lessons build higher levels of self esteem for students. 

Independent Study


Students training in just one subject or technique classes. 

Advanced level of dance training. Continued progression of level & training for students. Weekly training of 8 + hours weekly with at least 3 technique classes weekly in ballet & jazz. Choreography in Ballet, Pointe (if at this level), Contemporary, Music Theatre, Tap, Hip Hop & Modern.

Guest Choreography is worked into programs. Audition training & choreographer’s adjudication for advanced work is available & encouraged.

Extra on line training is available with the studio membership of Professional On training service held by our studio. This can be used for makeups &/or extra training w/o extra tuition. This service includes professional teachers throughout the United States with high level training & professionalism.

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