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ATOD Performances

Winter Performance

Our Winter Performance is the first stage performance of our school year.  Students from our Intermediate to Advanced Programs participate in this annual showcase to highlight the beginning pieces of their yearly choreography. At A Touch of Dance, we feel that performing is a very important aspect of dance training. Performance gives individuals self-assurance and self esteem, along with the experience of expression through art on stage. All proceeds from our Winter Performance are donated to support those in need in our community. Ticket proceeds and/or collecting perishable goods around the holiday season is always a special part of this event.

Spring is the time of year when choreography gets completed and costumes are ready for the stage. Each year, we raise money for the American Heart Association through continuous work of rehearsing & performing.  Students acquire pledges from individuals to rehearse, learn & perform in our one-day event. From morning till evening our studio family fills the stage with energy & joy, and at the same time, we raise an average of $4000 a year for the American Heart Association. Our donation is placed in memory of a family member from our studio who has been affected by heart disease.

American Heart


Fringe Festival of Rochester

ATOD Performing Arts Sr. Company participates in the Annual Fringe Festival of Rochester, NY each year. The Fringe Festival is the largest multi-disciplinary performing arts festival in New York State. This performance takes place in early fall.

The City Hall Atrium Concert is an annual concert collaboration celebrating National Dance Week. Judy Brondon, our Artistic Director, has been the chairman for this concert for the past 15 years. ATOD Sr. Company performs with other local dance groups/companies at the Rochester City Hall Atrium, a beautiful and unique concert venue that gives our students another experience to perform.

City Hall Atrium Concert


Spring Recitals

Every student training in our school has the opportunity to perform in the Spring. A performance fee is required for each student who participates;  that fee includes your families tickets. Our Spring Recitals are broken up into 3-4 different shows. During the allotted time, your dancer will perform his/her class choreography. Costumes are purchased by each student for each individual piece of choreography they will be performing. The performance fee is due mid-winter and costume fees are due by early spring. Students are awarded trophies at the end of each performance along with awards & scholarships given.

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