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Photos Courtesy of Zappia Photography and Sarah Zanni Photography

Michael Zappia

Our friend & colleague️            Your photos surround us everyday. The memories you have given us, along with the detailed creativity of every photo, will be treasured ALWAYS. It’s hard to imagine a photo session or show without you. In your hardest moments, you fought through to make sure our last photo session was set up perfectly as always, our beautiful friend. Your attendance at our 40th Anniversary celebration, despite the pain you were in, was precious and heartfelt️ by all.


We love you...

the community loves you and you will be missed tremendously and NEVER FORGOTTEN. Thank you for the laughs, practical jokes, and the bundles of red licorice at every shoot. But mostly, thank you for the detailed love you saturated our world with. You will always be a bright light in the ATOD Family️.

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